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Friday, April 9, 2010

OCZ PCI-e SSD with field-replaceable MLC NAND

OCZ is ready to mass produce it’s PCI-e SSDs with field replaceable MLC NAND flash modules.

This makes the MLC versus SLC debate a bit moot if you can just replace the NAND when it wears out like a bad disk. Did I mention that it has 8 separate Indlinx controllers, up to 2TBs of space, and has peak transfer rates of 1.4GB/s for reads and writes (that’s gigabytes not gigabits)? I can’t imagine what will happen with a Sandforce controller version of one of these monsters.

This is some seriously interesting temporary storage for a virtualization cluster that needs some fast DAS. With 2 TB, you could carve up 87 gigabytes for 23 VMs on a 24-core virtualization box. That’s mighty interesting.

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